AMGG cruise to Northern Spitsbergen

Early career scientists from AMGG embarked on a week long cruise to the shelf offshore Northern Spitsbergen in July 2019. The goal of the cruise was to understand the size and dynamics of glaciers during Quaternary ice ages. Several meter long gravity cores were collected and traces on the seafloor from the glacier were mapped. Gravity cores and moraine ridges indicated that the glaciers had moved far beyond the coastline. On their seaward journey these glaciers have carved out the characteristic landscape of Svalbard, with tall mountains and deep fjords and valleys.

During the cruise, the ship also stopped by the old trappers lodge “Texas bar” built in 1927 by the Hilmar and Petter Nøis, which served as beach resort for enthusiastic ice swimmers.

Pictures and Figures: Tom Arne Rydningen, Bjørn Runar Olsen, and the F/F Helmer Hanssen