BUBBLES – June, 2017

BUBBLES 6 – 16 June

The “Bubbles 2017 – The Role of Methane in Marine and Terrestrial Environment” International Training School, sponsored by AMGG Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics Research School in Tromsø, CAGE, ResClim and CHESS, took place from 6th to 15th of June 2017 at the SFF Centre for Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate – CAGE, Department of Geosciences, The Arctic University of Tromsø.

Lectures were given by several internationally recognized experts in methane and gas hydrate related fields. The main aim of BUBBLES2017 was to provide a thorough and interdisciplinary introduction to the role of methane in marine and terrestrial environments (e.g. permafrost), from generation, migration, consumption and impact on the seafloor, water column and finally into the atmosphere.

The Training School was intended to promote the development of an international community of early career scientists and to further develop their research skills in state-of-art techniques and methods for detecting and monitoring methane emissions.

The school was organized in lectures, practical exercises (e.g. seismic interpretation, modeling of the gas hydrate stability, microbial experiments, micropaleontology exercises) and poster sessions every afternoon. During the poster sessions the students could discuss with lecturers and get feedback on their work.

BUBBLES2017 included students from Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Italy, France, Estonia, Russia, Taiwan, India, Rwanda, South Korea and China.

At the end of the school the students were asked to compile an evaluation form and here there are some of the comments “I learned a lot, great opportunity to meet others interested in marine methane and learn about other students research”; “I liked the content, learned a lot I can incorporate into my current and future research. I am motivated to find a PhD programme to continue in academia”; “I am 100% satisfied, well organized and well planned school with many interesting participants from all around the world and fantastic training team”.

Text by Giuliana Panieri


  • Aivo Lepland
  • Alan Judd
  • Alberto Malinverno
  • Alfred Hanssen
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola
  • Angelo Camerlenghi
  • Benedicte Ferre
  • Frans-Jan Parmentier
  • Friederike Gründger
  • Gareth Crutchley
  • Gerhard Bohrmann
  • Helge Niemann
  • Jerome Chappellaz
  • Joan Bernhard
  • Joel Johnson
  • Keith Kvenvolden
  • Marco Taviani
  • Marta Torres
  • Martin Hovland
  • Michael Whiticar
  • Miriam Römer
  • Stefan Bünz
  • Stephen Matthew Platt
  • Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta
  • Veronique Gosselain
  • Wei-Li Hong



  • Alexandra Padilla
  • Alexandra Zaputlyaeva
  • Anastasia Zagovenkova
  • Andrea Schneider
  • Anke Dannowski
  • Anusha Dissanayake
  • Augusta Umutoni
  • Beckett Colson
  • Binbin Wang
  • Che-Chuan Lin
  • Claudio Argentino
  • Elizabeth Weidner
  • Elizaveta Protsenko
  • Fatih Sert
  • Fausto Grassa
  • Firoz Badesab
  • Francesca Caridi
  • Giulia Ferrante
  • Gleb Karev
  • Haoyi Yao
  • Henry Patton
  • Johannes West
  • Julia Stanilovskaya
  • Julianne Fernandez
  • Jurjen Rooze
  • Kärt Üpraus
  • Kashia Melaniuk
  • Kate Waghorn
  • Knut Ole Dølven
  • Liudmila Krivenok
  • Malin Waage
  • Manuel Moser
  • Maria Cherbunina
  • Mark Zindorf
  • Martin Liira
  • Matteo Bazzaro
  • Matteo Puglini
  • Matteus Lindgren
  • Nibedita Sahoo
  • Nikolitsa Alexandropoulou
  • Olga Nazarova
  • Pär Jansson
  • Pauline Latour
  • Pavel Serov
  • Peter Betlem
  • Pierre-Antoine Dessandier
  • Sarah Turner
  • Sunny Singhroha
  • Tsung-Han Yang
  • Viktoria Pastukhova
  • Vincent Carrier
  • Viviana Gamboa Sojo