Department of Geology – University of Tromsø
CAGE – Center for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate
ARCTOS – Arctic Marine Ecosystem Research Network
CASE – The Changing Arctic and Subarctic Environment
DEMOCEN – Depositional Models for Cenozoic Sandy Systems
ForArc – Assessment of Benthic Foraminifera as Environmental Proxy in the Arctic Region
GlaciBar – Glaciations in the Barents Sea Area
GlaciPet – Subsidence, uplift and tilting of traps – the influence on petroleum systems
HNA – The High North Academy
LOSLOPE – Sea floor stability offshore Lofoten, Northern Norway
NGU – Geological Survey of Norway
NordForsk – Nordic Research Cooperation
NFR – The Research Council of Norway
NPI – Norwegian Polar Institute
PETROMAKS – Optimal Management of Petroleum Resources
ResClim – Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics
SciencePub – From Science to Public Awareness
UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard
WARMPAST – Arctic Ocean Warming in the Past